Engineering Services for the Evergreen Project SNC Lavalin

Davies Geotechnical Inc. has worked closely with SNC Lavalin over the last 14 months to provide engineering services for the Evergreen Project, currently under construction.  These services included the design and review of numerous deep excavations, with depths of up to 60 feet, the design of temporary bridge crossings, and the review of slopes.

We have also just completed phase 2 of the excavation for the Solo Project located in Burnaby, B.C.   The Solo Project is a multiphase mixed use high rise project by one of Vancouver’s premier land developers – Appia Developments.  Phase 2 featured the deepest parkade and therefore the deepest excavation in Burnaby to date !, at a depth of 85 feet below Lougheed Highway.

Davies Geotechnical Inc. has recently adopted state of the art practices in the design of foundations.  These practices take into account the high degree of non-linearity in soil stiffness at low strain levels.  Using this approach we have been able to validate and make use of much higher bearing capacities than using other conventional methodologies.  For example serviceability limit states bearing pressures as high as 1200 kPa have been achievable for very dense granular till-like soils.  This approach has resulted in substantial cost savings to our clients!

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