Jamieson House, Vancouver, B.C.

Jamieson House848 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Davies Geotechnical Inc. was proud to be a part of the design and construction team working on this unique and first class development.

Utilizing the extensive experience gathered by Paul Davies, P.Eng., Davies Geotechnical Inc. provided design-build consulting services to Bel-Pacific Excavating and Shoring and Ellis Don. Our primary scope of work for this project was to provide reliable and cost-effective shoring and underpinning solutions to allow Bel-Pacific and Ellis Don to complete the excavation works while maintaining the safety and integrity of the streets and buildings around the site. The design of this 65 foot to 75 foot deep excavation was of particular interest due to the presence of existing high rise heritage structures located on the east and west boundaries of the site.

Jamieson House – South Excavation Face – Excavation Depth = 40 ft

Monitoring of the performance of the contractor and the shoring system was of prime importance given the potential damages that could occur as the result of unwanted ground movements. Davies Geotechnical Inc. employed a number of techniques to provide quality control verification and monitoring which included: dial gauge testing of anchor performance, use of electronic tilt sensors on adjacent buildings to monitor movements, and use of survey and inclinometers to monitor ground movements.

Jamieson House – West Face – Excavation Depth = 40 ft.

High Rise