Newport Village, Port Moody, B.C.

Newport Village is a unique mixed use residential “village” nestled on the eastern shores of the Burrard Inlet. The development was constructed in 8 phases by Bosa Development Corporation and Appia Development Corporation. The property is surrounded on three sides by hill sides and forms the low point of a basin at the east end of the inlet. Paul Davies, P.Eng. is the geotechnical engineer of record for seven of the eight phases of the project.

The soil conditions at the site were particularly challenging with respect to excavation design and slope stability.

Subsurface conditions were highly variable within the site and include very soft and weak marine silts and clays and organic soils overlying glacial and glaciofluvial deposits. Artesian pore pressures measured at 20 feet above grade were encountered on the site. These conditions were challenging with respect to the design of the building foundations as well as the design of the excavation and shoring systems required to construct the below grade parking at each phase. Temporary and permanent dewatering were also key issues to be assessed.

High Rise