Retaining Wall Design

Davies Geotechnical Inc. is a leading consultant in the design of Vancouver retaining wall systems. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of technical expertise with respect to the design of retaining wall systems.

Retaining Walls are often required in sloping areas in order to develop level platforms for building construction or to retain the edges of roadways and service corridors. There are numerous retaining wall systems that can be considered:

  • Reinforced concrete or gravity walls
  • Segmental retaining walls or reinforced soil slopes
  • Soil nail walls
  • Tangent piles walls
  • Masonry Walls
  • Rockery Walls

Davies Geotechnical Inc. utilize state of the art analytical techniques to assess and design these systems.  Davies Geotechnical Inc. has invested in state of the art software and training developed by industry leaders such as Geo Studio, Adama Engineering, Ensoft and others to assist in the development of reliable and cost effective retaining wall designs.

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