Earthquake Engineering Vancouver

Davies Geotechnical Inc. is one of British Columbia’s leading consultants in the field of earthquake engineering.  The Davies Geotechnical Inc. team is committed to being a leading consultant in the field and remaining on the leading edge of the understanding of earthquake behaviour and it’s impact upon the design of structures and infrastructure.

Vancouver and the surrounding area is located within a seismically active region where major earthquakes are expected.   The design earthquake expected for the region is reported by the Geologic Survey of Canada to be a magnitude 7 event with a 1 in 2475 year return period.  The peak rock or hard ground accelerations associated with this type of earthquake are expected to be large, ranging from 0.44 g to 0.54 g dependant upon geographic location.

The near-surface geology of the Lower Mainland is diverse and complex, leading to several challenges with respect to seismicity and it’s effects upon the soil and structures.  Much of the Lower Mainland is underlain by soft fluvial, lacustrine, and other post-glacial deposits.  The effects of the high shear stresses from a major earthquake upon these soils can lead to soil liquefaction, strain softening, and ground deformations.  These effects can be detrimental to structures constructed over these deposits.

Davies Geotechnical Inc. make use of equivalent lineal soil response analysis to assess the levels of acceleration and shear stress imparted to these soils. Utilizing state of the art analytical techniques Davies Geotechnical Inc. are able to assess the potential for soil liquefaction or strain softening at your site as well as make prediction of ground deformations that may occur. Davies Geotechnical Inc. prides itself in knowledge of the design and construction techniques that can be used to address these seismic design issues.

Davies Geotechnical Inc. utilize a number of liquefaction triggering and response models to evaluate the potential for soil liquefaction at a site;

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